a week in the making

I started this post almost a week ago. I keep coming back to it, adding pictures, writing, saving, closing my computer, rinse and repeat! :) I can't believe August is already here and our summer is dwindling down. A few months ago when I pictured the beginning of the new school year, I knew Collins would be four months old and a "real baby" at that time and now that time is almost here!! Time sure does fly when you're having fun...and raising babies!! 

We've been keeping busy with play dates, trips to the library, the grocery store, and Target...really anything that doesn't require us to go outside in this hot weather!
It's been so hot lately that even this little buddy would prefer to stay inside!

Bebe & Chandler were in town last week and it was so nice. Collins sure lights up when he sees his Bebe!

An after haircut incentive at Starbucks. Camp picked out pumpkin bread, a cake pop, and chocolate milk. After we paid for our goodies, Camp asked me if I wanted to sit down so I happily obliged. It was a fun little date with my biggest boy.

Collins is looking at Camp like "what is this kid doing??"

Camp had just said "we are friends!"  :)

Collins playing with his favorite toy...it's the first thing he's taken an interest in. Thank you, Godmother Bethel! :)

Camp likes to put his toy guns in his shirt or in his pants just ready for action!

He was running through the house pretending he was a pirate and running from other pirates.

He has a great imagination...

Silly little brother!! Collins has started fake coughing to get a reaction from us. I love it!! He's been waking up from his naps rolling over to his back and talking to himself. When we walk into his room to get him out of his crib, he lights up and smiles so big! 

Biggest boy!!

Sweet little footsie!

My new favorite ice cream flavor...it says limited edition so I better stock up now! :) Publix ice cream is on sale this week so do yourself a favor and buy some! Sooo yummy!

Ready to swim at Yaya & Bop Bop's!

Scrumptious baby!! 

This boy loves to swim!

I just finished Emily Giffin's latest book, Where We Belong. It was definitely one of my top faves by her. I really enjoyed it. I read most of it in bed at night with the light of our video baby monitor. :) Hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! There really isn't much time during my day to leisurely read books!!

I put Collins in the exersaucer today and he seemed to love it! He kept squealing and laughing when I first put him in it. He's still a little too young for it, but I think he'll really end up enjoying this new toy!

Adam took this picture tonight and I LOVE it. Camp's crying because his phone game play time is over, Collins is just chilling, and I'm holding both of my precious boys. 


Ivy said...

I LOVE all of these pictures! The one of BeBe holding Collins is especially sweet...they both look so in love! I dont know what got into me but I forgot about the new Emily Giffin book! I will be buying a copy today.

Yaya said...

the pic of Collins looks at Camp in the bed with him is great!!!! I love the expressions on both Bebe and Collins...Pure LOVE and JOY!!! Those are some mighty fine Gunter boys!!!

Bebe said...

Been checking daily for a new post! Yippee it's here!!

Love the last picture. Mama is the picture of tranquility. I am woman, hear me roar...

Precious pictures of precious boys!

Carrie Anne said...

I think I squealed with delight at every single one of these pics...I can't get enough of those boys! When I think that they couldn't possibly get any cuter, they do...every single time! And that pretzel ice cream--imma have to get me some of that!! I see a chocolate peanut butter pretzel malt milk shake in my future!