4 months

Sweet Collins is four months old!!! We've been having issues with our internet or else I would have posted sooner.

  • Collins goes to sleep around 8:30 and usually wakes up around 6am. I nurse him and put him right back down and he wakes up around 9. Occasionally he'll wake up and want his paci throughout the night. I can't wait for the day he can put his paci back in by himself! :)

  • He's starting to grab at things when we place them in front of him. He loves playing with toys, his favorite being his zebra.

  • He's liking the car a whole lot better than he did last month. He rarely cries in the car anymore. If he does, I can give him his paci or his zebra and he's fine.

  • He's about as easy going as they come...I really can't believe what a good baby he is! He's always happy, always has a smile on his face. If he ever gets upset it's because it's time to eat or time to take a nap, but I'm usually always on top of his schedule. :)

  • He loves his brother and is always happy to see him. Collins gives Camp the sweetest giggles and squeals.

  • He's started a squealing scream noise that he does when he's happy. It's so cute! He's also started to open his mouth and give us what it seems to be kisses on our cheeks, but I'm sure it's too early for that. It's so cute though.

  • He's in a size 2 diaper, but about to move into a size 3. He's wearing size 6 month clothes. His footie pajamas are size 6 month, but I think he'll be in the 9 month in a few weeks. He's wearing 9 month Polo outfits, but usually everything else is 6 months.

  • He's becoming more aware of his surroundings and he knows when someone new enters the room. He can see a lot further now too. He'll sit in his bouncy and I'll be across the room smiling to him and he'll smile back. 

  • I gave him a teaspoon of rice cereal the other day and he seemed to like it. I'm ready to start the solid food transition! We'll probably really start at 5 months with one meal a day and work our way up from there.

 A few of the bloopers from this month...

"Let me put Beary right in front of my face so my mom can't see me!"

1 week

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

Camp fed Collins his first taste of rice cereal. :)

A year ago TODAY I found out I was pregnant with Collins. A year ago, I stood in our guest bathroom holding a pregnancy test with two pink lines and repeated out loud "thank you, God" over and over again. What a beautiful blessing our sweet four month old boy is to us!! AND his almost four year old precious big brother!!!


Carrie Anne said...

Could not help but tear up at the last paragraph of this blog post. Precious, PRECIOUS boy! And LOVE big brother feeding him his cereal in that picture :) Happy 4 months "Cawins-Cawins" Boy!!! Never thought I could love two boys so much!!!

Bebe said...

And I second that, CA!

I could have told you that was Camp feeding the cereal. Brown little lefty!
I can't believe Collins is already 4 months old. Got to try and capture every special moment as they're happening...
Happy Four Months!!

yaya said...

Where have the months gone??!! Love the pics! Happy happy 4(months) cawins!!