summertime pictures

Our summer has been a busy one. When Collins was a few weeks old and I thought about summer, I would almost panic. I was so worried that we'd be stuck at home going stir crazy. In reality, we've been going everywhere and anywhere and having lots of fun! I wish I could go back in time and tell my newly postpartum self not to worry so much! :) The thought of having two kids was definitely more overwhelming than it actually is. Once you get through the sleepless nights and out of whack hormones, the transition from one child to two is a billion times easier than going from no children to one! At least that has been the case with us. 

And it sure helps when your second child is as sweet and easy going as this little fella!! 
I kiss him all day long and can't get enough. MMMM!!! He's starting to really giggle and it's about the best thing in the world. He constantly has a smile on his face and he usually smiles so big that his mouth is wide open.

And we can't forget about this precious almost 4 year old boy. I've now gone from saying "He's three and a half" to saying "he's almost four" BOO HOO! I was talking to Chandler on the phone today and when I hung up, Camp asked me if Chandler was my girlfriend. I said "no, Chandler is my sister, do you have a girlfriend?" Camp answered, "Pssshh! NO! I don't have a girlfriend, but when I grow bigger and bigger I can have a girlfriend!" :) That was the right answer!

Camp took a Curious George themed music camp last week. When I dropped him off for the first day, I didn't think we'd be going back the next day. He was so sad and didn't really want to go, but he ended up loving it! It helped that we had so many friends in the class too! When I went to pick him up the first day, I waited in the lobby where he couldn't see me and I couldn't see him. The door to his classroom was open and I could hear the teacher reading a Curious George birthday book. When the teacher finished reading, I heard Camp tell his teacher, "My birthday is September 26th and I'm going to have a dinosaur birthday" :) 

The class did a little performance on Friday of all the songs they'd learned throughout the week. As we've learned from previous programs, Camp doesn't seem to like getting on stage and performing. I didn't know what to expect from Camp and even told Adam not to worry about coming to watch...

He didn't sing, but he wasn't pouting this time!! I even got a little smile out of him! :)

Sweet little Reese! 

 The last song was about Silly Sam the snake where they got to wear sock puppets...Camp actually did a few moves during that song! :) 

Kaley stole the show for sure!! :)

After his performance, I took him to get a dinosaur cookie (as promised) for a job well done. We also went to a friend's house for a pool party with some more friends from summer camp. Camp had so much fun swimming and playing!! Wish I would have taken some pictures...

Me and Camp having some fun with photo booth...

Mamaw and Collins at a family pool party last weekend...

Daddy and Camper went fishing last Sunday and got lots of trout!! We fried them twice last week and they were actually pretty tasty! 

Cawinsy boy had his first real pool time last Sunday. He loved it! He just floated around in his new pool float.

I think he would have spent all evening in the water! 

We have a month til school starts and I'm actually hoping for some lazy days now. We've been so busy and I want some time to hang out at home and enjoy not having any commitments. The boys and I slept in until 9 this morning and it was quite lovely. Bebe and Chandler are coming in town next week and they need to hurry up and get here already!! It's been soooo wonderful to be able to see them so often these past few months. Really since March we haven't gone more than a month without seeing them. 

Happy WEEKEND!!! 


Bebe said...

Oh those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! I LOVED summertime with my kids...
Bebe and Chandler can hardly wait for one more hurrah with the Gunters before school starts! See you soon!!

Carrie Anne said...

Love! Miss ya'll!

Traci said...

Your kids let you sleep in until 9!?!?!?! That is amazing! Teach my boys to sleep! My body is so used to waking up early that even when it's Jeff's turn to wake up with the kids, I can only make it to 8before my body's done :-(

Sounds like a fun summer! I never enjoyed summer that much until this summer. This summer has been all about doing whatever we please and I love it!