beach weekend

We headed to the beach last Thursday and had a great extra long weekend! We started off at Shipwreck Island on Friday. Collins stayed with Bebe and Papa and I was able to spend some fun time with my biggest buddy. Camp loved Shipwreck just as much as he loved it last year. He swam, and swam, and swam!! 

He loved the water slides...the pirate ship slide was his favorite. It was so much fun to watch him have a blast!! I can't wait for our trip next year! I wonder if Collins will be old enough to go?? If not, I'm sure Bebe and Papa won't mind watching him again!! :)

We got Dippin' Dots to bribe him to go home.  I can't pass up any opportunity for Dippin' Dots!! Yum!

Camp was pretty much asleep the moment we got in the car...

Daddy made it down to the beach Friday after work and we were so glad to see him!! Fred fried fish, shrimp, and scallops for dinner.

Collins's first trip to the Byrdnest needed to be documented! The Byrdnest is one of my favorite places ever...

Chandler and Collins boy!

We spent the rest of our weekend at the Lion's Paw!

Camp, Adam, & Bop Bop fished on Sunday and came home with some yummy fish.

Adam was so proud of Camp and couldn't believe he wanted to spend the whole day out on the boat fishing. He said he would ask Camp if he wanted to go back home and Camp said he just wanted to fish! 

Camp keeps talking about being on the boat and what kind of fish they saw and caught. Camp is just like his daddy!

Gunter boys and their catches of the day!

Proud fisherman!

What a fun weekend!


Bebe said...

Repeat for next year and I think Collins will still be too young to go...
Love that Camp loves to fish like his dad, grandfathers and uncle!

yaya said...

Those big Gunter boys can sure be outfished by Camper!!! he loves it so!!!

Anonymous said...

Camp has grown so much! And so has Collins!! I love that picture of the four boys.

The Smith Family said...

Love the pictures :) where did you get camps navy/white striped bathing suit