our summer so far

Camp finished two weeks of swim lessons on Friday. He absolutely loved it this year!

He loved "mrs. randi's pool" as he called it because he could walk in the shallow end all by himself. He's been practicing at Yaya and Bop Bop's pool and can swim like a little fish! 

baby brother during swim lessons...he'd just gotten up from a nappy! he'll be taking swim lessons next year! :)

Camp and his hunting buddy/swim lessons friend Linley aka Winwee...

Pam Pam and Yaya's class fish, Nemo, is living with us for the summer. Camp is so happy to have him live with us for a while...I hope Camp lets Yaya take him back to her class come August! :)

Camp enjoying a Push Pop...I let him pick any dessert he wanted at the grocery store and he chose these! I remember they were Flintstone themed when I was a kid. They don't taste as good as I remember them tasting!! Haha!

Sweet Collins boy! He rolled over tummy to back for the first time today!! Can't even believe he's old enough for fun milestones like that! 

Camper enjoying his awesome new squirt gun from Pam Pam!

I love this littlest buddy so much!! He is pure sweetness!!


Carrie Anne said...

I ALWAYS chose the Push Pops whenever I got to pick out a treat, too!! They were always Flintstones...and they tasted like heaven to me. Haha...love this summery post!

Bebe said...

Keep the push pops and give me chocolate covered something...
Glad I got to witness swim classes and see the little fish!
Hugs to the two sweet boys!! Oh, and to their mom and dad, too!