school's out for the summer

Ahhh! I can finally blog again! We are back in business with our new MacBook and I'm loving it already! 

Camp's last day of school was May 30th and we've been busy bees ever since!! Between summer camp, swim lessons, beach trips, Bebe in town, and Adam and I celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary and our 10th high school reunion, it's been a fun summer already!
last day of school

I bought a pack of silly straws a year and a half ago with all intentions of giving them to the kids in Camp's preschool class last year...I never got around to it last year so I decided to hand them out this year! These are the little tags I made to go on the packages.

Camp's been all about silly string these days (just look in our back yard, it's everywhere!!) I figured the silly string would be the perfect addition to the silly straws!! :) I know the mothers of the kids in his class are cursing my name right about now! Haha!! I thought they turned out so cute and Camp was so excited to give them to his friends on the last day of school. He was glad when two friends were absent that day so he got to keep their goodies for himself!

Camp and the two sweetest teachers ever!!! Surprisingly, I didn't cry on his last day of school this year! :)

end of the school year goodies...a water gun, sprinkler toy, and of course a pink cake pop from Starbucks.

last day of 2 year old preschool

first day of 2 year old preschool

Camp had a great year and made some sweet friends. He talked a lot about Bo, Crockett, Lowell, Logan, Kaley, & Anna. 

Mrs. Parry wrote this on his report card and it made me so happy. :)

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Yaya said...

Soooo happy that you are bak in Blog world!!! I LOVE the pics! Our big buddy has grown so much this year!! Thanks for always sharing! You are such a wonderful mommy!!