over the river and through the woods

Camp, Collins, Trip, and I drove up to Blue Ridge last week to visit Bebe, Papa, Chandler, and my grandma! All that was missing was Adam, but we're hoping to head up there again real soon!!
Trip drove and I prepared myself for lots of stops and consoling, but these babies were the BEST travelers. We only stopped once so I could nurse Collins and get some Nam's Bit's at Striplings!! :)

We spent lots of time on the party porch and even enjoyed a fire in the fire place every day! Ahhh...the weather was just gorgeous while we were there.

Chandler met Collins for the first time!

The three C's!

Camp is so lucky to have such patient aunts and uncles...

Camp loves him some Chandler!

Sweet picture of Trip and Collins

tried to get a picture of me and my oldest boy, but he wasn't having it!

sweet collins...

Chandler and her famous boyfriend, Dylan...he's an extra in a new movie with Justin Timberlake and Clint Eastwood! :)

a group picture!

Grandma and Camp hanging out and watching tv :)

beautiful sunset view!

It was a fabulous trip and I wasn't nearly as anxious as I was on Camp's first trip to the mountains! Collins was actually a week younger than Camp was on his first mountain trip. With Trip and Fred's job it's so hard to get everyone together and one time, but this was about as close as it's gonna get! :) Adam being there would have been awesome, but my mom was able to have her mom, her husband, three kids, and grandkids under one roof and she was one happy Bebe!! 

Can't wait to go back!!


Bebe said...

Happy Bebe, indeed! Loved reliving our visit through your pictures... The one of Chandler and Collins was so sweet! He's looking at her like, "Oh, this is someone I haven't met but know I love!" Can hardly wait for a return visit with hopefully the patriarch of the Gunter family!

Carrie Anne said...

love love love!! beautiful family!!