end of may

We decided to stay in town for Memorial Day weekend...I think it's the first weekend we haven't gone to the beach since 2006! Camp and Yaya still have school next week so we decided to go to the beach next weekend instead. 

Collins smiling at his daddy!

Last week, Camp had his end of the year program. Collins slept through the whole thing!

Camp was not too excited for his program...poor buddy just stood there holding back tears!

He didn't cry, but sure came close! :) I don't blame him!

Haha...he wanted nothing to do with singing or dancing!

He'd rather play in the sprinklers! :) 

He had his end of year party at school on Friday and he had a blast!

We definitely need some fun water toys for the backyard this summer...

time for popsicles!

his sweet class!

Adam rented a cherry picker to cut down a dead tree in our yard. Sweet Camp watched his daddy patiently from inside the house, but when he was all finished, he got to go on a quick ride.

He was one happy boy!

yikes! :) 

Collins is smiling all of the time and tries to talk to us. He's been sleeping longer at night too! On Thursday night, he slept 6 hours straight and last night he slept 5 straight! Yippee!!!!

Happy Memorial Day! 


Grey Webb said...

No indoor programs for Camp, he's definitely an outdoor boy. Enjoy your weekend.

Bebe said...

Love the picture of Collins smiling at Daddy, so sweet! And poor big boy at the school program... Could kiss those sweet pouty lips.

Carrie Anne said...

cutie patooties