since I blogged last...

I'm finally feeling human again...life with two little ones is a whole lot different (wonderful, but different!!) but I think I'm in the groove now! I took both boys to Target today so now I know I can conquer the world!! :) Camp has been an AMAZING helper. I am so pleased with how he's transitioned into being a big brother...I was so worried that he'd have issues with it, but so far so good. He takes his role as big brother so seriously that I don't think he sees this big change as anything but positive. 
Camp's sweet teachers threw a mother's day coffee at school yesterday. We snacked on mini muffins, fruit, and coffee and had a lovely little morning. Camp was so cute showing off his baby brother and wanted to show him to anyone and everyone!! 

Camp's mother's day gift to me was something I've wanted since I was in middle school...a ceramic hand print! :) As he was opening it for me I was sooo hoping that is what it would be and once I saw it, it brought tears to my eyes! I just hope Collins has the same preschool teacher and she's still doing it when he's in the two year old class! I need to take a picture of it...it's just precious.

showing me his artistic interpretation of his mommy!

the baby corner! :)

I took this picture a few weeks ago...I looked out the window and about died! How cute!

Camp went to Barrett's birthday party the weekend before last and had a blast! Look at his poor scared face! :) He spent most of his time in the pool at the end of the slide and spraying people with water guns!

Camp can't stop talking about his birthday party now...every day he asks for a different birthday theme. Last week it was monster trucks, yesterday was Peter Pan and today was cowboys...just like Barrett! He has about five more months to decide!! :)

Collins had a great time at Barrett's party too! :)

Last weekend we headed to the Cape for Collins's first trip to the beach!! Yaya let us stay in her room and it was such a special treat! :) Collins sure loved sleeping in Yaya's comfy bed!

Camp went out on the boat with Adam both days and had the best time. Adam was so proud of Camp! It's fun that Camp is old enough to do big boy stuff now.

dockside libation

popcorn shrimp at dockside

Camp, Collins, and I headed to a movie on Tuesday. We met Carrie Anne and Barrett there and saw the pirate movie...both boys were ready to go in their pirate attire!

best buds, barrett & camp
It was a successful first trip to the movies for Collins, but I couldn't have done it without Carrie Anne! 


Bebe said...

Two posts in one day! Does it get much better than this?!? Love the picture of you and Camp at the Mother's Day Tea. Baby Girl's looking good! The picture of Camp and the Narn is precious... one sock on, one sock off and in his drawers...
Yay for blog posts!

Ivy said...

Ohhh the pic of Camp and Annabelle is so sweet! In the second pic from the bottom I think Collins looks like YaYa!

Carrie Anne said...

Soo sweet...LOVE this post. Let's do the movies again soon!!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures and comments made me smile and laugh repeatedly. I bet you are glad that you weren't the blue construction paper mommy with the spider eyes! Camp's was definitely the best one. :)