Our laptop has officially bit the dust. :( Only took three years and four months. We are getting a MacBook this time! Until we get our new computer, blog posts (and pictures) from my phone will have to suffice! :)

Camp is in summer camp and swim lessons this week and next and he's having an absolute ball!!! Bebe is in town and we're all so happy she's here! Collins will be two months on Saturday...yes you read that right! He's sleeping 6-7 hours straight at night, wakes up to nurse then sleeps 3-4 more hours. He is the sweetest baby and brings us so much joy!


The Smith Family said...

Love the pic of camp with the dc. Boy after my own heart :)

Carrie Anne said...

sweet, sweet, SWEET baby boy! I am in love with his little smile <3

yaya said...

Happy Birthday to the littlest buddy!!!! My how time flies!