all moved in

Last Saturday we headed to the Campbell's for dinner...Camp and Avery had lots of fun playing. Camp said Avery is his favorite because she doesn't push and because she is happy. :) 

We are finally moved back in to our house! We officially moved back in on Saturday, but the final touches were finished this morning. It's now 100% finished (and beautiful) and we couldn't be happier!! Yaya, Bop Bop and Dave were a huge help getting us all moved back in since I'm not much help with the heavy lifting. :)  We are so excited to be back in, but this little buddy is probably the happiest! He sure missed his back yard and all of his toys. He's been saying "I'm so glad to be back in our house!" :)

Sweet boy got a pair of Georgia boots for his birthday and he loooooves them. He can put them on all by himself, but he usually puts them on the wrong feet...this picture was taken by Camp and I just love it.

playing with his leap pad...one of his favorite toys!

Here's a sneak peak of our new floors (and Camp running away from me while I tried to take his picture!)...we are absolutely in love. We went back and forth on what kind of wood/stain/size we wanted, but ended up going with #2 red oak with clear polyurethane. They turned out even better than we imagined. Travis Greene with Magnolia Hardwood Floors installed them and he did an amazing job...he's sooo great to work with!! We ended up changing our paint colors and we're so pleased with the way that turned out as well! We had some great people working on our house and they all did a great job...our trim carpenter was awesome, but took his time (which is a good thing!), but we joked that Yaya was paying him to go slow! :) She and Bop Bop didn't want us to leave! We are thankful that we had such a comfortable place to stay while our home was turned into a construction site!
 More photos to come soon!


Traci said...

The floors look BEAUTIFUL! Great choice! I can't wait to see the rest.

Bebe said...

Love the sneak peak! In that picture of Camp running from the camera he looks about 7 years old! And love his wrong feet boots pic. Reminds me of Trip and Eric. Boots with shorts!
Yay for being back in your house and yay for Yaya and Bop Bop for housing you the last few weeks!!

yaya said...

I LOVE the self portrait of the boots and MUST have a copy!!! all boy!Your home is beautiful and while I am sooo sad to not have you all here...I am soooo HAPPY that it all went well and is perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been checking daily waiting for the update. Your home is perfect! You show such great taste. And that Camp.........what can I say? Love the boots!
Congratulations on your wonderful home.

Pam said...

Perfect, as I knew it would be!!!