wrap up

I've attempted to write this blog post for the last five days or so...I'm just going to have to wrap it up and get it posted because I refuse to only post twice in the month of January! :)

Camp has always been a sweet, sweet boy, but he's getting even sweeter as he gets older. I figured I'd do a little update on the fun things he says and does these days...just so I don't forget! Camp's love language is definitely words of affirmation. He tells us all day long that he loves us, that he likes our eyes, that I'm a sweet mama, etc. His latest thing is "Mommy, I think I love you soooo much" When I ask him how he got to be so cute, he'll respond with "Because I love you so much" :)

He's becoming very interested in his baby brother. He likes to come up with names...the newest choices are Braxton, Mack, and Chance (all of which are not on our list!)  We talk about how he used to be in my tummy and now his baby brother is...a few weeks ago he said "I don't want to go back in your tummy!!" :) Today, though, he asked if he could go back in my tummy. He loves feeling his brother kick and roll around...Camp thinks it's pretty cool! He's been such a big helper helping me clean all of our baby gear. He even told me that he wants to change his baby brother's diaper. I have a feeling Camp is going to be a great big brother!!

He's always been so observant and he continues to as he gets older...Adam said he's glad that Camp has my sense of direction! We'll go somewhere only once and knows how to get there again. He'll know when it's time to turn and he'll tell me to turn on my blinker. :) He remembers the littlest details and his memory always amazes me!

He loves to listen to his kiddie music CD in the car. I'll be listening to my favorite radio show and he'll ask me to turn on his songs...I really, really don't want to, but then I realize, he won't be three forever and someday I'll wish that I had him in the back seat asking me to turn on his music...so I always do!! His favorite songs are "wheels on the bus", "shake my sillies out", "bingo", really every song is his favorite! I catch him singing them all the time! His favorite grown up song at the moment (and has been for some time) is "keep me in mind" by zac brown band.

Since Christmas he'll say "Happy Holidays!" after he says good night to us or goodbye to someone. He'll ask me "Is it not Halloween anymore?" and " Is it not Christmas time anymore?" and what holiday season it is at the moment. :) He's so excited for Valentine's and asks me almost daily if it's Valentine's Day yet...he says he wants to make cookies for his friends.

He quotes movie lines constantly...just last night as I was putting the toothpaste on his toothbrush he said, "more please, it's free right??" I thought it was hilarious and then he said that's what Mater says! :) While we lived at Yaya & Bop Bop's we watched Peter Pan about 30 times a day...Adam and I pretty much had to ban it because it was starting to realllly drive us crazy! He quotes that movie all of the time, but our favorite is when he says "Poor Nana, out there all alone". He sounds just like Michael and Adam and I think it's about the cutest thing ever so Camp says it a lot. :)

Adam and I had our conference with Camp's preschool teacher yesterday...we were so proud to hear that our little Camper is a sweet boy at school. His teacher told us we're doing something right. :) She said he's a great friend, shares, listens well and is soooo happy at school. It's so nice to hear stuff like that coming from someone not related to us! Haha!

Last week, Adam brought some plants home to plant in our back yard.
Camp put them in his Gator and Adam told him where they needed to go! 

He took his job quite seriously!

telling me to stop taking pictures of him!! :)

Friday night we enjoyed our new fire pit.

Camp loved helping his Daddy get the wood and keep the fire burning. We've been using scrap pieces of wood from our floors and it burns awesome!

Saturday night we grilled burgers...I've said it before and I'll say it again, Adam makes the best burgers!!

 I spent allllll of Saturday organizing Camp's room. I ended up throwing away two bags of toys and getting all of the baby toys out of Camp's room and into baby's room. With his toys scattered in a million places while we had to move out, it's so nice to have his room set up and his toys all ready to be played with! 

Today was Camp's first day of soccer practice...we were supposed to bring a drink and a soccer ball. 

I had one excited boy on my hands! We've been counting down the days!

He did a great job!

the hardest part was trying to remember not to pick up the ball with his hands! :) 

Camp did not want to leave soccer practice...he would have stayed out there all night! His coach was  Adam's coach when he was younger and Chandler's coach when she was in preschool! :)

When Adam got home from work today, he had lots of ducks to clean from the last weekend of duck season...Trip came over at the wrong time and got roped into cleaning the ducks as well! :) 

This boy was one happy camper hanging out with his daddy and his uncle...he came inside and told me he needed a pocket knife so he went through our silverware drawer and got a spreader to help him clean ducks.

Can't believe tomorrow is February 1st!!!


Ivy said...

I love the fire pit!! :) That little soccer star sure is cute!

Grey Webb said...

I love the sequence of Camp hauling the plants in his Gator. He's the biggest boy.

Bebe said...

Seeing him line up on the soccer field just waiting for instructions... made me want to cry! I can still hear Coach Bev say (in her very British accent), "Excellent soccer, Chandler!" We still say that (in our fake British accent) when she does something good! He is truly a sweet boy. He will be such a big helper like you were with Trip! Lucky Mommy and Daddy!!

yaya said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a great post!!! I can not believe Coach Bev is Camp's coach!! I hope he likes soccer better than his Dad did!! I love the budding crew leader delivering plants! I KNOW he will be the best and sweetest helper to his baby brudder...more precious days ahead!