first post of the new year!!

We've been a little out of our routine with the holidays and our house looking like this...

(sooo glad that laminate floor is no more!)

we're doing a few remodeling projects and our house is just a tad uninhabitable... :)

we're so thankful yaya and bop bop have agreed to put us up for a while.

After a successful morning of duck hunting...only three more weekends of duck season left! Not that I'm keeping track or anything!! :)

Yesterday, Yaya, Camp, and I headed to Wakulla Springs for a tasty lunch and a fun boat ride!

Camp had a blast!

He said seeing the alligators was his favorite...we saw lots of birds, turtles, alligators and manatees!

Me and my sweet boy...

I'm almost to my 3rd trimester (where has the time gone??) and still feeling wonderful...I'm loving being pregnant this time of year! :) Baby boy STILL doesn't have a name...we keep changing our minds and can't commit just yet. I took my glucose test last week and passed with flying colors...woo hoo!! I need to take another picture of my ever growing baby belly!!

Happy weekend!  


Heather said...

Can't wait to see the new floors!

Bebe said...

Just love seeing a new blog post! Can hardly wait to see the floors with furniture back in. And love Wakulla Springs! I have pictures of you and Trip there when we first moved to Tallahassee. Trip was about a year older than Camp is now. What fun!

yaya said...

So glad to have the little family with us!! I am NOT rushing the floor man! Loved our field trip to the springs!

Carrie Anne said...

so excited to see it all finished!! i think we need to have a little party to celebrate! :)