The 2nd weekend of October, we headed to Atlanta for my cousin Lee J's wedding.
When we arrived in ATL on Thursday, we headed to my sister Charlotte's house for chili...it was a great evening and I got to see my other sister, Vanessa, and meet her husband and two little girls! Vanessa's been living in Japan for the past five years, but she and her family recently moved back to the US. It was so fun to see everyone and for Camp to meet some new cousins!
Camp, Anri, Isla, Violet, & Carl
Camp and Anri are only three months apart!

charlotte just sent me some pictures the photographer took...they're pretty cute!

I love this picture...my dad looks pleased as punch!

On Friday, Adam, Camp, and I headed to the aquarium...Camp loved it.

"Hey kid...what's your name?"
 "I Camp"

After the aquarium, we headed to The World of Coke or "the coca cowa pwace" as Camp called it.

He bought this fun grabber in the aquarium gift shop with some birthday money...

Camp's favorite drink was plain ol' Coca Cowa

Adam loved Stoney from Tanzania...

my fave was the red cream soda...yum!

After our sightseeing adventures, we met Beth at Fox Bros. BBQ for a fabulous lunch...we also ate at Fox Bros. the next day...mmm we couldn't get enough!! :)

Friday night, we headed to Lee J. and Molly's rehearsal dinner at the fancy schmancy Cherokee Town Club.

Beautiful table!

My cousin Wesley toasting his little brother, Lee J. I never used to cry at weddings or rehearsal dinners until Camp was born...dang...Wesley's toast was awesome and a tearjerker!! It could also be the pregnancy hormones!! :)

On Saturday we headed to Stone Mountain.
 Here Camp is on the train ride!

Stone Mountain!
After the train ride, Camp spotted a man making balloon animals...of course he got a sword!

There were other little boys that got swords as well and they all had lots of fun sword fighting together...it was pretty cute.

We had such a fun weekend and I was glad we could turn it into a little family vacation as well!

It was so nice to see family that I haven't seen in years!! As we get older, it's so hard to get everyone together at one time, but a wedding is a great excuse to do it!!
Congrats, Lee J. & Molly!!


Bebe said...

Love the picture of Camp with the cousins. A bunch of cute kids! Yay for 2 posts in one day!

yaya said...

love the balloon hat! the cousins are so cute!

Grey Webb said...

Wow, had a lot of catching up to do. It's so neat to follow you, Adam and Camp with this blog. I love the b/w pic of you three. And you're right, I was pretty pleased to be with all those chillen'.