it's fall y'all

The new Halloween wreath I made this year...I saw lots of wreaths like this on Pinterest, but in black...I figured the orange would look pretty cute against our black door. I love the way it turned out...very funky, but fun!!

I made the tastiest cake a few weekends ago...the best part was the pumpkin spice buttercream. Oh my, it was soooo good! I brought it over to Yaya & Bop Bop's for a cookout and everyone loved it.

Camp heard it was Della's (Yaya & Bop Bop's black lab) birthday so he wanted to bring candles for the cake so we could sing to Della...
We'd almost inhaled the entire cake when Camp reminded us that we needed to sing to Della!

 He'll use any excuse to blow out candles.

Camp's class headed to the pumpkin patch two weeks ago...Adam and I were able to join in on the fun too!

Getting his hand painted...

that thing didn't last long, he wiped it off not long after this picture was taken! :) Look at his face...it's like he's thinking "what the heck is that supposed to be??"

Camp has missed several days of school between going out of town, being sick and a teacher planning day. 
He's finally on the mend and I know he's soooo ready to get back to school. Yesterday, he said "I want to go see my friends" :) I had all intentions on sending him to school yesterday since his fever had been gone since late Tuesday night, but he woke up yesterday morning covered in hives. We were able to get him in to see the doctor (luckily, he had a no show) and he said it was just a case of the hives probably associated with Camp's fever, but it wasn't Roseola. Poor buddy was so uncomfortable and kept asking "tickles my moseego bites" :) We got some good meds, Aveeno baths, and a good nights rest and he's hive free this morning! The dr. said he wasn't contagious and he could go to school even with the hives (and that they might last several weeks!!!) but I'm hoping and praying they are really gone for good!!


Bebe said...

So glad Camp's feeling better! And can I say I just love having all these posts in one week? Can't get enough pictures of the Gunter family!

Carrie Anne said...

Poor little thing! So glad he is better! Love the picture of him checking out his hand...hahaha. :)

MollyMcFarland said...

LOVE that wreath Lane!

yaya said...

love the pics of the pumpkin patch! such fun! sooo glad lil buddy is better,, :)