p-lo got married

Last Friday, my friend Lauren got married in Ponte Vedra. I headed east early Friday afternoon was greeted by horrendous storms the entire road trip! The rain finally let up right before the ceremony started and thank goodness, everything was held inside!

Beth got the hook up at her “other Lane’s” house right on the beach…we were there less than 24 hours, but when I arrived and saw this view, I was wishing our stay would be a little bit longer!

Paul & Beth showed up not much longer after I got there…we said our hellos (and I FINALLY met Paul) and got ready in record time.

The ceremony was lovely. Lauren had her dad and step-dad walk her down the aisle…something I haven’t seen since I got married and it brought tears to my eyes! After the ceremony, we headed to TPC Sawgrass. The reception was great and I love to be around people I went to high school with. I love reminiscing and being reminded of high school shenanigans…things I had forgotten! We can go months without seeing each other, but we all pick up where we left off. There’s really nothing like it! I had so much fun. The only thing that would have made it better is if Adam would have been there too! I had a little too much fun mingling so the pictures are few and far between, but it was a wonderful celebration and I can’t wait until the next opportunity until we can all get together again! I guess it’ll be the 10 year reunion…next summer!
Lauren was a gorgeous bride!

The bffaeae signing the guest book...

Beautiful centerpieces

I sat at the cool table...fo sure!

Lauren and Rob named each table after a favorite location of theirs...

The other bffaeae duo...Lauren & Holly

Beth & Paul taking over the dance floor!

I met KC!
We have Heather Lane in common...man there are lots of Lanes to keep track of! :)

Amber, Beth, & me! CHS '02 grads at their finest...

Time to say goodbye...love the sparklers!

It was such a fun night and a great way to celebrate Lauren & Rob...I wish you two nothing but happiness! Congrats!


Heather said...

Hahaaa, I love the 'we have Heather Lane in common' ;) Cute pics!!! xxoo

Bebe said...

Congrats Lauren!
Love seeing my favorite CHS '02 girls!

Kristen said...

Love the picture for Heather Lane...and loved to finally meet you!

Lauren said...

Lane, I'm so so grateful that you could make it...I had such a wonderful time with you girls there! xoxo

Beth Madigan said...

I just saw this post!!! How cute!! Can we do it again sooner than later?!