fourth of july 2011

Our 4th of July was pretty great! Camp and I ended up spending TEN days at the beach! Adam had to go back to work for three days, but then joined us again. We did the usual...boating, swimming, eating, drinking, relaxing, & playing. We also hit up Shipwreck Island. I don't think I've ever seen Camp have more fun! He had a blast!!
We started the first part of the ten days in Cape San Blas at the Lion's Paw...

My partner in crime...

I'm sure in fourteen short years or so, Camp will be just as tall as Daddy, Bop Bop, & Dave!

Yaya made some yummy sangria!

4th of July decorations

The Gunter family

Our Gunter family

Before our 3rd of July cookout we all played a friendly game of arm wrestling...it was a close one, but David ended up beating his big bro in the end!

Adam & Gunter...Adam won this round!

Adam was acting like he had to put up a real fight...

but he came back and beat me! :)

Carrie Anne & Gunter

Daddy & Camper
It was definitely a close call! :)

Adam's extended family came over for a cookout...I think there were eighteen of us in one house!

Rachel Grace (Barrett's sister)

After the cookout we headed to the beach to watch the fireworks put on by the boys in the family...

It was a great show!

On the beach---4th of July

Camp fell asleep while eating his lunch...the beach sure wore him out!

4th of July night...headed to the boat to watch the PSJ fireworks!

Me and my little buddy...

Camp loved the fireworks this year...as long as he was a safe distance from them. He asked every night as the sun went down if it was time to set off the fireworks. :)

PSJ puts on a FABULOUS show!!

Watching the fireworks from the boat is the way to do it!

(note to self...10:30pm is not the time to attempt a family picture!)

On Tuesday we made our way to Mexico Beach and waited on Bebe, Papa, Chandler, and Chandler's friend Lauren to arrive from Blue Ridge.

On Wednesday we headed out on the boat and had the BEST day out at the point...the water was crystal clear and perfectly calm. We all got to witness a huge porpoise come right up to our boat...Camp loved it and is still talking about it. Papa asked him what his favorite part of the day was and he said " the big ol' huge dolphin" :)

After our boat trip we headed to the shaved ice place to get some yummy cold treats...mmm they were sooooo good!

Chandler and Lauren with their stained teeth!

Camp really enjoyed his blue sno cone!

Camp loved playing with Chandler & Lauren!

"ahoy mateys"
 Camp's all into pirates these days!

Papa made Camp a pirate fort...he thought it was pretty cool!

What a fabulous beach trip!!
It's nice to be back into our little routine, but I'm sure missing those lazy days! :)


CA said...

Aww...this makes me miss our time at the beach SO BAD! What a fun 4th of July weekend! I am loving that last attempted family picture by the way, hahaha! :) Love ya'll!

Bebe said...

LOVE, LOVE the pic of all the Gunter boys!

Can't beat a summer vacation at the Gulf!

Ivy said...

I love the Gunter family photo!! Everyone is smiling perfectly!

Pam said...

Love the new pictures, Lane! Do believe you are a true photographer (with great subjects to capture)!

Traci said...

You always have such awesome pictures!

I lost everyone's blog address that I read so I'm really far behind on reading your blog. But it is found again so I'll be reading :(

Anonymous said...

Lane - I'm spying on your blog again, but I'm officially admitting it! Camp is sooo precious! You all are an adorable family.

Great meeting you last weekend!

The Smith Family said...

I spy a few bbtn items! and boy do they look cute on campers!