end of july

Wow...didn't I just title a blog post "end of june"? Oh wait, yes I did! Where has this month gone?? I can't believe this is only my third blog post of the month...a definite all time low for "our gunter family" Our summer has been an absolute whirlwind. I'm actually looking forward to Camp starting school (in three short weeks...don't cry Yaya!) for the mere fact of getting back into a routine. I thrive on routines and this summer has definitely lacked one! Camp reeeeeally misses his "sook" (school) and all of his friends. He asks me "when are we going to see my friends" or says "I miss my friends". We'll drive by his school and he'll say "there's my sook!" "there's my playground!" He's looking forward to feeding "the piggy bank" aka guinea pig in his new class.

Camp's favorite song at the moment (and for the past two months) is "Who Says" by Selena Gomez. You should see this child dance when it comes on the radio...he's always saying "who says you're the only one that's perfect" :) LOL the real lyrics are "who says you're not perfect" He'll even see a picture of Selena and know she sings that song.

Playing in the rain...naked. That's a lid from a trash can and a piece of firewood. What can I say, the child sure has an imagination! :)

Camp wanted to watch Pirates of the Caribbean a few weeks ago, but I told him it was probably a little too scary for him. He said "It's not scary, it's just pretend" :) He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney Junior and sings "Yo ho mateys away, pee po, pee po, pee po" about five hundred million times a day. It's really "Yo ho mateys away, heave ho...something or another" ;)
Adam took Camp to work with him a few days ago and they had a blast. Adam even took him to the fire station too! Adam knew a few of the firemen working so Camp got to spray the firehose and one of the guys even dressed up in his full fire gear.

Camp sure loves to help his daddy!

I took Camp to the Mary Brogan museum this week to see the bugs exhibit...he was a little scared at first, especially of the giant fighting beetles, but he warmed up to them pretty quick. The caterpillar was his favorite. He said "hey caterpillar, how ya doin' caterpillar" then when we left to go upstairs he said "I'll come back caterpillar"

So excited to see Nemo!

Looks like such a big boy...

After the trip to the museum we headed to Tijuana Flats for lunch...I love lunch dates with this little man!!!

Camp found some directions rolled up in the cabinet and they quickly became his map/telescope...have I mentioned he's really into pirates these days???? :)

On Wednesday night I headed out with the girls for a private shopping event "won" by Holly...we spent most of our time eating, drinking, and talking rather than shopping, but it was an absolute BLAST and I thoroughly enjoyed my night out with some of my favorite girls.

It also served as a semi surprise going away dinner for Mary...boo hoo! Don't even get me started...I cried when I moved 12 minutes away so I can only guess how I'll react when she moves five HOURS away!!

We blindfolded her so she didn't know where we were taking her for dinner...

"I smell asian food!"

Yay for Masa!

Erin wants the men to know she's single...she'll go as young as 22! :)

Allison & Holly

Rian & Erin

Yummy stir fried rice...
It was such a fun evening...I'm ready for Ruffles 2K11 fall edition. We have our hotel reservations and sleeping arrangements set...we're ready to go!! :)



Bebe said...

I'm excited for the Ruffles get-away too. Get to see my little buddy! A pirate's life for me!!!

mary caroline said...

awww! I am crying laughing at this post!!! Don't hate me that I am only seeing it for the first time :( Isn't that just awful!!! I have seen the recent ones but I guess I overlooked this one...I know...rude!!

Anyway, the masa pictures were the best!! I miss you so much and cried last night after I got off the phone with sister and she was with you and everyone at movie/clusters and hops. Boo hoo. Ruffles 2k11 get here already!! xoxo

p.s. And I miss camp. Tell him Princess Mary said hello :) And Adam too!