first of 2011

We've had a great first week of 2011! It was nice to have a nice long break with Adam off of work and Camp out of school, but it's been really nice to get back into the swing of things and back to our little routine. Camp went back to preschool this week and practically ran into his classroom! I think he really missed his friends! We also celebrated Mary's birthday with a wonderful dinner out at Bella Bella. Here are some pictures mostly from New Year's Day that I wanted to share...

adam smoked his famous boston butt on new years day...
it smoked all day long and it was delicious as always!

since I didn't get in any pictures on Christmas, I made sure to get in some on new years day! :)

loose leaf sweet tea

our new years day fare...this is adam's plate (because you know I wouldn't have that many greens!) I had one bite of collards...I'm going to be rich!! ;)

Camp can almost always be found playing at his train table...

jammin' out with elmo...

Mama and her sweet boy!

camp's been so silly lately!

when he kisses me he'll say "ooohhh sweet boy" because I say that when he's a lovey boy!

he's also been saying "i love you, mommy" or "i love you, daddy" out of the blue and it makes me melt!

the other night he was counting to 10 and once he got to 10, Adam and I cheered for him...then he bows and said "thank you, thank you" (where the heck did he learn that?)

we're heading to Disney in a few weeks and I made the terrible mistake of telling Camp that we were going! He asks to "see meeka?" and "see donwald guck?" alllllllll day long! He woke up this morning and when I walked in to his room he said "Hey Mama...see Meeka?" Oh my, how do I teach the concept of time and being patient to a two year old??? :)

he's recently become fascinated with "monta trucks".  (monster trucks :) )

when camp and I were out shopping one day this week, we passed by an aisle of picture frames...camp looks at the models in the picture frames and asks "who dat?"
(Bebe, am I going to have to torture Camp with my own Michelle Louise story?? Maybe Christopher Brian? :) )

I can't believe it's already Friday! This week seemed to fly by for me!
Happy weekend!


Bebe said...

LOL!! Carson Bradford, Cameron Braden... You were about 6 when I pulled that so if you're going to be as sick as I was you might want to wait a few years! Love pictures with you! Sweetest boy!!

Pam said...

So happy I looked at the blog today! Love, love, love all the new pictures! Just told YaYa, I'd take the Gunter Family Blog over FaceBook anyday!!! I'm never disappointed!

Grey Webb said...
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