wonderful weekend

Our weekend was great...as most are! Adam grilled hamburgers Friday night, we headed to Sally Kate's 2nd birthday party on Saturday, and went to the Junior Museum and lunch on Sunday! Just perfect!

Holly asked if I could make a banner for SK's party...I told her that I had never made one before, but that I was up for the challenge. I had so much fun making this banner and I am very happy with how it turned out! Now I just need to make one for Camp!

Holly & Mary's mom makes these fabulous sugar cookies for every special occasion. They are my fave!! I even got a bag of cookies to take home! So sweet!

yummy lemon cake

sk got an adorable kitchen set for her birthday...camp was pretty smitten with it too!

sweet avery

camp loved this microphone!
last night he pretended his cheesy bread was a microphone and sang into it! ;)

happy birthday!!!

waiting for the junior museum to open...it was soooooooooo coooolllldd!!

checking out the ssssssnakes!

I could barely look at these snakes long enough to take a picture...they looked like they were about to strike the glass!

checking out perky the lucky duck

asking the bear to wake up

like father like son...love this!

Camp loved this caboose...they had fake food behind glass to stage the train and camp looked at it and said "I want some of this" :) We were all pretty hungry so we left and had a fabulous lunch at Sonny's. I love that place! Camp got macaroni...his favorite food at the moment! He asks for it at every meal!


The Smith Family said...

where did you get camps jacket from? love it!!

Bebe said...

Love the picture of father and son. Sooo cute!
And do I see a future karaoke singer? "Feelings... whoa, whoa, whoa, feelings..."
Happy Birthday, Sally Kate! The cake, and the birthday girl, were beautiful!

Carrie Anne said...

Loveee this post...so fun...and I LOVE Sally Kate's kitchen! I want one! :)

yaya said...

I'm with BeBe ! I love the pic of the boys! I am so glad we still have the "Junior Museum"! What a great place for a fun family outing!LOVED the banner!!!

Ivy said...

Such sweet pictures!! I have such fun memories from the Junior Museum..I can't wait to take P!