last of 2010

Happy New Year to you and yours!! We had a low-key New Year's Eve at home and we were all actually asleep when the ball dropped! We were awoken at midnight by lots of fireworks and even (celebratory) gun shots, so I guess technically we were awake to ring in the new year! :) Lame-o, I know, but it was exactly what I wanted to be doing!
The first decade of the new millennium was filled with lots of change and excitement…I graduated high school, started dating Adam, graduated from FSU (GO NOLES!!!!!!!!!!), 6 weeks later married Adam, gave birth to our first child…wow! I’m sure this next decade will be just as wonderful!
I have a few pictures from the last week of 2010 and wanted to share them before I start on 2011 pictures. Enjoy…

It flurried the day after Christmas...we ran outside to enjoy it, but there wasn't much to it! If you look closely, you can see it falling in the background and on Adam's shoulders!! Pure excitement for us Florida natives!!

Camp and Daddy blowing out the garage!

Santa brought Camp a custom sandbox filled with dump trucks and bulldozers...
It's been pure bliss for Camp!

We are trying to teach Camp not to bring the sand inside...I might be cursing Santa in a few weeks! :) just kidding...

our backyard is officially a child's backyard! how many riding toys does one child need?? :)

watching mater...we are excited that 2011 will bring the release of Cars 2!! Yippee!

New Year's Eve Eve, (or New Year's Adam as we liked to call it) we had a fun impromptu cookout at the Edenfields!

I spent the evening with this glass in hand so I guess Thursday served as my New Year celebration!! :)

Mr. M not wanting his picture taken!! :)

Happy, Happy New Year!! May 2011 bring lots of happiness to our family and friends!!


Bebe said...

The blizzard of 2010!
Happy New Year to the Gunter clan from the Bebe and Papa clan!!

yaya said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Looking forward to lots of wonderful posts and updates! When you are not busy getting sand out of the little buddy and his shoes...and his pockets...and his socks...and his hair.... :)