More Halloween Festivities

Camp's preschool class had a costume parade last week...the younger classes paraded in front of the parents and older students. It was the cutest thing.

Camp walked out and seemed a little unsure of this whole thing...

Then he caught a glimpse of Daddy and lost it! Poor little baby.
He gained his composure quickly and Adam helped him walk in the parade for a short while...

Then Camp got really into it...he walked with his class again all by himself!

He got into true frog character and hopped his way through the parade.

Back in his classroom...he was a scary frog!

Adam brought home the tractor for the hayride a day before Halloween.

Camp and Adam played on that thing every chance they got!

Every time I looked outside, Camp would be playing on the tractor and asking "mama, crank?"

"big tractor"

Getting ready to carve our pumpkin...


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Auntie CA said...

This post needed some love....I love all the Halloween and fall pictures so much...so fun and festive! Love this time of year! You have captured it beautifully. And love my little buddy :) Best looking child in the bunch (not that I'm biased or anything).