Halloween 2010

Our Halloween was great!! We had some people over for a Halloween party and hayride. Camp was so excited for the hayride and told each guest as they arrived that there was a big tractor in his backyard!

Camp dressed up as a frog this year. He had his frog sounds and moves down pat. He loved to hop hop hop!

Sally Kate, Avery, & Camp

Our sweet ride...Adam was so proud of this!
This was the first year we had a hayride and we hope to make it an annual event! Next year we will have lights, cupholders, music, and a chauffeur! :)

Camp knew exactly what to do and he had a blast!

Most of his candy did not make it all the way home!

We stopped off at the Wells residence!!

Sally Kate fell asleep for some of the hayride.

I got back on the hayride and this picture was on my camera... :)
little lovebirds!

Our last stop was at Yaya & Bop Bop's! We were only their 2nd group of trick-or-treaters so they had plenty of candy for us!

Camp thought he was a real frog and jumped off the front porch into the grass!

Sally Kate & Camp snuck into Yaya & Bop Bop's house and thought they were pretty funny! :)

Camp's preschool Halloween parade pictures to come soon...


Bebe said...

Been waiting for this post! Love the picture of the little frog nestled in the grass at Ya Ya's! I was remembering last year's Halloween. The little frog (bumblebee) knew what to do even then!
Too cute!!

Carrie Anne said...

Too cute for words! Everyone looked precious, the love birds too :)

The Smith Family said...

Looks like fun! We used to do hay rides in my neighborhood growing up

Nicole said...

Oh Lane, what a blast! Love the pictures and the hayride! Cutest frog I've ever seen!!!

Anonymous said...

So very cute! No question Halloween was a hit with the Gunters! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

mary caroline said...

best halloween party and neighborhood hayride ever!! nobody's got anything on us. Love the lovebirds pic and of course all the garden creatures :) Next year - cupholders!