first haircut

Adam had a hair appointment yesterday and wanted Camp to tag along so he could get his hair cut too! It was Camp's first official hair cut!
Camp wasn't very fond of getting his hair cut...he'd move his head right as the scissors got close to his hair!
We gave him a lollipop and a cup of coffee (the child comes by that naturally) to distract him a bit.

Miss Glenda did a great job despite such a squirmy Camp!
He looks so cute with his little trim and I love that we took Camp to the same barber shop that Adam's been going to since he was a little boy!


Anonymous said...

I remember giving Reed a full size candy bar (his first ever) for his first real haircut! Funny. Candy works. He looks adorable!

Bebe said...

Such a big boy! I don't think I took Trip til he was almost four, I was so anxious. Of course he did fine!

yaya said...

such a big boy!!! love that he had to have cofcof...to have his hair cut!!!such a gunter!