Bebe Lives in Georgia

Camp and I went up to Blue Ridge, Georgia last Thursday and spent a nice long weekend with Bebe and Chandler. We ate lots and lots of yummy food, shopped at wonderful stores, and did fun little touristy things like pick apples and ride on hay rides! We had a BLAST and I can't wait to go back. Next time, Adam is coming with us! Fred was at work so we figured Adam wouldn't quite care so much to hang out with the girls all weekend! :) As sad as I am that my mom, Fred, and Chandler moved SIX hours away, it's fun to have such a great place to visit! We didn't even do half of the things we planned on doing, but we'll just have to go back up there again real soon!

View from my mom and Fred's lot...this view is the reason they left us and moved up to Blue Ridge.

A view from the road on the way up to their lot...

On Friday we ate lunch at Toccoa Riverside Restaurant. It was quite delicious and I will be going back the next time I visit! The food was great and the view and atmosphere were the icing on the cake.

I only had my 50mm lens at lunch so this is zoomed in, but this was our view at lunch!

Camp was a great lunch partner! He didn't even sit in a high chair, but he was on his very best behavior. He was also a great road trip buddy on the way up to Blue Ridge and back. Driving alone, six hours, with a two year old can go one of two ways and it went amazingly well.

On Saturday we went to the Apple Festival in Ellijay. We waited in traffic for over an hour to pull into the parking lot! The festival was sooo crowded and the weather was pretty hot so we didn't stay for long. Camp went on one lap of the pony ride and then was done. At least we got this picture made! We then had a $15 corn dog and sweet tea and called it a day! :)

After the Apple Festival, we headed to downtown Blue Ridge and shopped in their many cute shops! I found this shop for Mary...who also happened to get engaged on Friday!! Hip hip hooray for Mary and David!!

Chandler and Camp by the trains...

On Sunday we headed to Mercier Orchards to pick apples!
This was Camp's face when he saw this pull up...
We took this tractor up to the apple orchards. Camp was in L-O-V-E!!




Camp enjoyed picking the apples, but most of his time was spent asking to ride on the tractor again! :)

Bebe picked this pretty apple!


Little farm house up by the orchards...I did not edit this photo in the slightest...look at that blue sky!!




After we filled our bag to the top with apples, we got back on the tractor and headed down to the Mercier store. The store is right up my alley and I'd actually shopped there three years ago when we went to Blue Ridge with Adam's family. The shop is filled with jellies, candies, baked goodies, and many more fun items! My mom recommended we try their fried pies so we waited in line and bought some to take home for dessert. OMG...I can't begin to describe how wonderful these little fried pies were! I'm not one for cooked fruit, but they have their warm fried pies with apples, peaches, etc, but we opted for their cold pies...coconut, chocolate, butterscotch...YUM YUM! If you are ever in the Blue Ridge area, please go to Mercier Orchards and get yourself a fried pie!

Bebe bought Camp this cool John Deere Gator with muddin' tires at Merciers.

We had so much fun and I'm glad I got the first trip under my belt. It wasn't as overwhelming of a drive as I'd expected and surprisingly six hours went by pretty fast! I can't wait to go back to visit!!! Thank you, Bebe & Chandler for having us! We miss you already!!


Heather said...

Lane, gorgeous pictures!! Glad you all had a great trip :)

Pam-Pam said...

Great new addition to your Blog, Lane! (I only looked for it 100 times today!) Happy you had a nice visit with Bebe and Chandler, and I'm looking forward to your next adventure and Camp's new experiences. Lucky boy!!!!

Carrie Anne said...

So glad ya'll had fun!!! And so proud of you for making the 6 hour trek all by yourself! :) Beautiful pictures...makes me want to go up there SO BAD! love love love it ALL!

Mama Byrd said...

We so appreciated Lane's efforts to make the trip and thank Ya Ya for the safe and comfy transportation. Had a great time showing off my new town! And the list is growing for things to do on your next visit. Miss you all like crazy but look forward to many fun visits!!

Amy said...

Social Graces is the neatest store! Did you get to go to Sweet Treats?! I love the mountains....I miss it so much up there!

mary caroline said...

beautiful pictures!! and thanks for our engagement shout out :) did you go to the SG store??

I want to go visit Bebe soon!!

Toby said...

Come on up Mary! And bring your fiance, too!!