Weekend Wrap Up

We had a great weekend despite our last minute change in plans...Camp and I were going to visit Bebe & Chandler (Fred's at work) in north Georgia, but Camp came down with a fever quickly after he got his shots on Wednesday. On Thursday, his poor little legs were so sore that he could barely walk. So we postponed our trip to Blue Ridge, but can't wait to see Bebe & Chandler soon!! Late Thursday afternoon, Camp was back to his old self, but I'm glad we didn't risk it and drive up to see them anyway. I would have hated for Camp to be sick all weekend!
My mom got Camp one of those recordable books from Hallmark and Camp really gets a kick out of it.

He says "Bebe" throughout the entire book!

On Saturday we welcomed another fantastic win from our Seminoles! Camp cheered them on in style with this adorable shirt from Mint Julep Monograms (thanks edenfields!!!!!!!!)

Camp spent all of Saturday with Bop Bop and Adam checking jobs and looking at trucks. It was Camp's first work day and it definitely won't be the last! I'm excited that he's old enough to start doing that now! Bop Bop said it was the perfect birthday gift to have Camp with him for the day and I said it was the perfect birthday gift to have a Saturday to play by myself!! :)
We celebrated Bop Bop's birthday (a few days late) with burgers and cupcakes!
Our birthdays are all within eight days...mine on the 20th, Camp's on the 26th, and Bop Bop's on the 28th!
Camp thought it was an extension to his birthday celebration!
I love celebrating birthdays!

Camp loves to climb up on the counter chairs then get onto the counter. Yesterday, he climbed right into the sink! I guess he was ready for a bath!

We went to Spring Creek on Sunday for a late lunch...on the way we picked up Mamaw. Camp had fun exploring in his Papaw's old cars...I made sure to watch him carefully because he probably would have figured out how to turn the thing on!

Look at that face!

While at Mamaw's I found this picture of Adam and his dad...circa early 1984 maybe? First of all, I loved that Adam is wearing the same style sandals that Camp wears now! Twenty seven years later and those shoes are still in style. And second, I thought that current Adam looks just like his dad in this picture! Camp doesn't really look like Adam as a baby...we've always thought that Camp has Adam's build, but looks more like me.
Thought I'd throw this in for fun...
Bebe & me probably summer of '84? :)

Ok...back to our weekend...
We had a fabulous lunch and although it's a long trip, it's worth it! The rolls and garlic butter are reason enough to eat at this restaurant. We even got our own private room so when Camp was done with the high chair, he was able to walk around more than he would have if we were in the main part of the restaurant.
Yummy chocolate and peanut butter pie.

Isn't it so cute?

Camp found this car and said "Bebe's car!" He definitely knows his vehicles!

Camp wanted to swing around and around!

He loved the dizzy feeling!!!

We had a great weekend and are loving the gorgeous weather! It was sooo cold this morning! I wanted to take Camp to the park, but we might have to wait until it warms up a little to go!

I also wanted to add that Camp now calls himself "Patch". Not quite sure where he came up with that, but I tend to over emphasize the P in Camp because so many people think his name is Cam...so I'm thinking he hears the P. We think it's hilarious!


mary caroline said...

looks like a great weekend! loved all the pictures and Patch updates. I love his new little new balances and of course his MJM football shirt!

CA said...

Awww love all these pics!! I didn't realize how many you took last Sunday! So much fun. Love that sweet baby Patch :)

Ivy said...

I've been meaning to comment on this but keep getting side tracked:)I loved those old pictures! It's CRAZY how much Camp looks like you when you were a baby...I knew ya'll looked alike but oh my goodness!! I think Adam looks just like his Mama in that old pic but obviously he is the spitting image of his Dad now!