We've been busy around here!! Not so busy at taking pictures though! :) Camp is at the best stage right now. So far (knock on wood) two has been AWESOME. He's talking so much and asking questions and taking everything in. He loves to hold hands and we hold hands all day long. He'll say "mama, hold hands" and then he usually follows that up with "two hands". Most of the time I'm driving and I have to tell him that I need at least one hand on the steering wheel! :)
He'll hop up to the kitchen counter and say "Hongry"...his favorite foods at the moment are the Danonino yogurts and the Sesame Street granola bars. Thank goodness for marketing schemes...I think Camp would eat anything if Elmo or Big Bird was on the package!!
He likes to play outside and will ask us to go outside with him...he'll say "mama, play outside?" I absolutely love that I can really talk to Camp...I mean the baby stage is great, but I'm truly enjoying this whole toddler phase. He's my little buddy!!

Camp's enjoying our Halloween decorations...a little more than he should!! :)
I'm not going to have any candy corn left by Halloween!
I just recovered our dining room chairs and I am in L-O-V-E. I recovered them 3 years ago with a black and white paisley fabric (which I loved) but I was ready for something new now that we are in our new house. I think we are actually going to paint our dining room the same color as our old dining room (Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray) along with our formal living room. This fabric will look great with that paint color.
So far, we've used the same paint colors in our new house as our old house! I guess once you find a good paint color, you just gotta stick with it!! :)

We recently had two chairs recovered and I'm so happy with how they both turned out!! Here is one of them...it used to be a hunter green, navy, and maroon floral pattern that was just too dark for our decor. We loved the chair so we decided to have it reupholstered. I Scotch Guarded it today so I'm hoping it stays clean for at least a month or two!
I still have to take a picture of the other chair...it's in our bedroom and it turned out great too!

Here's a view of our family room. I just got that new rug too! I'm loving the new feel of our family room now! 


Traci said...

Great recovering job! I haven't tried my hand at upholstery but I want to. I'm just so scared to even try :D

CA said...

IN LOVE with the fabrics...and new rug...looks beautiful!

Donna said...

Your house looks wonderful! Great choices. I know you're really enjoying it.