Our Week & Weekend

On Thursday we had Yaya, Bop Bop, Dave, Mama Byrd, & Chandler over for dinner. It served as a little thank you for all that they've done for us and an excuse to host our first official dinner party. As a special treat I ordered this cookie cake. I thought it turned out so cute! I love cookie cakes...it sure made for a nice breakfast the next morning! :)

Camp asks to get in the "big bed" to watch tv.

We went out to Cypress on Friday to celebrate Carrie Anne's 24th birthday. Mama Byrd watched Camp while we went out to eat and we had a great time! It was our first time at Cypress and it was sooooo good! We will definitely go back! Yum!

Camp's been mowing the lawn a lot these days! He even asks to sleep with the "mamower" in his room.

Snuggle bunny Camp and Daddy watching a John Wayne movie on AMC.

Avery, SK, & Camp enjoying BBQ and hashbrown casserole.

I had to share this funny little story...for the past week and two days, we've been taking cool showers. We just figured our water heater was on its last leg and I added a new water heater to our list of things we need to buy for the house...well last night we realized that it wasn't even turned on. Adam turned the dial to the suggested setting and we are now in business! I can't even believe that we went that long without even checking the settings! :) I washed some dishes this morning and there was steam coming from the faucet!! Yippee!

Camp's 23 month post to come...soon!!


Mama Byrd said...

What a lucky boy Camp was to be surrounded by such beautiful girls! He looks pretty thrilled!!

mary caroline said...

uhhhh...I didn't get any of that leftover delicious cookie cake. not fair!! :)

Vanessa said...

Glad you're adjusting to the new house. Love the pictures of Camp. He's such a cutie. -Vanessa