18 Month Stats

 We just got back from Camp's 18 month well visit. He was such a big boy!! He sat in the chair and let Dr. Elzie listen to his heart and look in his eyes and ears. Dr. Elzie did hear a slight heart murmur that he called a Still's Murmur. He said it's very innocent and should disappear as Camp gets older. He said it's very common in young children especially slender children like Camp! I'm not worried because Dr. Elzie isn't worried and we will just keep an eye on it!

Camp's 18 month stats:
Weight- 25 pounds, 6 ounces  45%
Height- 34 1/2 inches 96%
Head Circumference- 19.1 inches 70%

While waiting for Dr. Elzie, Camp played with the stool in the room. Little did I know, it had oil all over it! Yuck! Here are his hands after I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed!! :)



I had to tell Dr. Elzie that Camp didn't have some funky disease, but he's just quite the inquisitive little boy!

Here's the culprit!

Dr. Elzie checked Camp's scar and said it looks great! We started Mederma last Wednesday and I think I can already see a difference! Camp is soooooo good about letting me put the Mederma on. He just sits there and doesn't move a muscle! We have to do it three times a day for eight weeks!

Dr. Elzie said Camp was right on track with his development and that always makes me feel good to hear stuff like that!

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