Happy Half Birthday, Camper!

Camp is 18 months old today!! WOW! One and a half....

Here is Camp one year ago today! He was just learning to roll over (back to tummy), trying new baby foods and loved his exersaucer....

Oh what a difference a year makes!
He now has boo boos on his knees, loves to get stamps and stickers, and loves candy more than any baby should!

I told Camp that we were going to take pictures with Beary so he went straight back to his room and got Beary!

He's learning new words and sounds every day. His latest is "Doh Doh", but we're not quite sure what that means! He can also say Boo Boo and he'll show you where they are.

He has 5 teeth and 4 are on their way through....I lose count because it seems like every time I look in his mouth, he has more!

He's officially down to one nap a day. He usually sleeps 2 1/2 hours, but yesterday he slept a little over 3!

He says "Thank You" every single time we give him something.

He also says "Please" when he wants something.

He loves our housekeeper and always follows her around….he makes her job so much harder! She tries to teach him Spanish, but the only word he’s picked up on is Niño. Everytime he sees her, he says “Niño!” And if she’s in another room, he’ll call out for her. When we came home from the library today, she was already gone, but Camp came in the house calling for Niño!

He loves taking baths and will play in the bath forever!

He says "WHOA!" when he sees something cool! :)

He's still calling his pacis "Uh Oh" and his "uh ohs" are no longer "uh ewwww". :(

He's wearing 18-24 month shirts and 12-18 month shorts. He's in 24 month jon jons.

He's a size 6 shoe.

Size 4 diaper.

He is so observant and fun! He loves looking for trucks while he rides in the car. Sometimes I'll roll down the window while we're at a redlight so he can get a better view of the big trucks! UPS always beeps at Camp and he gets such a kick out of that! He loves listening out for airplanes and helicopters.....and loves pointing to the moon!

I really, really love the stage that Camp is in. I'm able to reason (somewhat) with him, I can tell him things and he understands them. He's my little buddy and I love hanging out with him! Both Adam and I are enjoying him so much and he brings so much joy to our lives.

Happy 18 months, sweet boy!


Mama Byrd said...

Oh sweet, happy boy... The past year and a half have been such fun!

CA said...

Yes, he brings SO much joy into EVERYONE's life! I know he does to mine! Love him!!

Lollie :) said...

Happy 1.5 birthday to the sweetest boy in the world!!! Such a joy to us all!!! Love him so much!!!!XOXOXO

The Johnsons said...

Blake loves our housekeeper too and everytime she is here they dance around and she speaks spanish to him. She calls him gordito? (chubby/fat) I knoe zero spanish so she teaches me too. lol Happy 18 mths

Pam said...

Beary is such a wee little bear and Camp is growing soooo big! These past 18 months have brought much joy in watching Camp grow through his mother's wonderful pictures and blog information. Yay for Lane!!!