Let's Make a Deal

The Junior League of Tallahassee hosted its annual Whale of a Sale this past weekend. Adam and I attended a preview party Friday night....all I had to say was "all you can eat bbq and all you can drink beer" and Adam was on board!
The theme was "Under the Big Top"....there were clowns, face painters, cotton candy, popcorn...it was so cute!

Here is David figuring out if he should place a bid on a silent auction item. Adam and I REALLY wanted to win the milk for a year. :( How sad that we were more interested in the milk than a fabulous vacation getaway?! But dang, milk's expensive!

Mary contemplated on getting her face painted, but I talked her out of it.

And Holly loved her Rita's frozen ice.

Adam and I took a walk around all of the goods and realized there wasn't much we couldn't live without...
I did end up getting this Coton Colors 4th of July t-shirt for Camp for $1.50 (originally $26.50!!)

And this Mater truck....I named my own price at 25 cents, but I'm sure I could have gotten it for a dime! It's all for a good cause though! :)
After the preview party we headed out for a night on the town and we had so much fun!

Saturday morning brought my Whale of a Sale shift, but I had a blast! I served as a bagger and enjoyed viewing everyone's purchases. I will definitely sign up for a bagging shift again next year!

Camp and I spent Saturday afternoon with Beth. Beth let Camp dip his toes in her icy cold pool and now Beth is Camp's favorite girl! Camp's going to love the pool this year! Beth sent me home with a takeout box of a slice of Almond Joy Tart and she is now my favorite girl!!! :) Sorry no pictures of Bethel or the beautiful dessert....

On Sunday we had the first (hopefully) weekly supper club at our house.
Here's Mary filling up her "Mommy's Little Helper" cup! Mary wasn't too happy with me Sunday night because I didn't tell her that there was mayo in this scrumptious bread....
She even requested that I make it! The first time I made it for her, I withheld the pertinant information.....I didn't lie, I just didn't offer up the ingredients list! :) Everyone else raved about the bread though!

We had a great spread of salad, smoked mullet, pork, and hashbrown casserole.

I love this picture.....Camper is always in motion!

I spent Monday afternoon with a horrendous throw up bug....yuck! I'm thinking it was food poisoning because it didn't last but 3 hours. (I am NOT pregnant! :) ) Sweet, sweet Adam played with Camp, fed him, bathed him, put him to sleep and even went to the store to buy me Gatorade and Saltines. Ohhhh how thankful I am for a WONDERFUL husband! He even put off fishing to come home early to take care of Camp. Now that's true love! :)
I couldn't quite get it together Tuesday morning for Baby Time at the library, but we went this morning before we headed to Thomasville to visit with Nina. Camp had the BEST time at the nursing home. Cap took him on wheelchair rides and Camp was a big hit. I should learn to keep my camera attached to my hip, but I don't have pictures of that either.....

Happy Wednesday!


The Johnsons said...

I had some crazy bug Thursday night and then it was gone, thankfully. We were at Babytime on Tues for the first time so fun!

Mama Byrd said...

Had a great lunch! Nina really enjoyed your visit. Love the picture of Camp in a blur. The little whirling dervish...

mary caroline said...

hilarious pictures but you are an evil evil ruffle, lane!! :)