Be Mine

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This post is a little late, but better late than never, right?!

We had a lovely Valentine’s Day! We spent most of the day at home….we ate chocolate for breakfast, Adam worked in the yard, and we played in the park.
Later in the day, we headed to my mom and Fred’s, but first made a stop at Lake Iamonia….I don’t remember when the lake was this high! Boys (including Adam!) used to drive their big trucks out on this empty lake when we were in high school!

Mama Byrd and Cap had goodies waiting for us! Mama Byrd got Camp an adorable jacket that I had been eyeing for next winter! She handed me this cup and said she got it for me and hoped it was still warm...I was so surprised!
I took it from her and quickly learned that it was empty…I even said “You are sooo mean!” but then she told me to look inside…..a generous gift card!! :)
Thanks Mama Byrd!

We then headed to Lollie and Popsie’s for a tasty Valentine’s dinner.

We were greeted with lots of goodies…including my favorite champagne.

Adam’s parents got this same champagne for us when we got engaged and it’s been my favorite ever since. I thought a $5 bottle of Andre was good, but this is just perfection!

Camp ate way too many M&M’s, but he was sure happy!

Adam and I went on our Valentine's date Monday night. We usually go a few days after Valentine's Day so we don't have to get out with the crowds. We ate a yummy dinner at Bella Bella and then went grocery shopping at Publix! It was a wonderful date night!

We've had a busy week this week! I took Camp to the library twice for Baby Time. He LOVED it!! I was almost in tears the first day because I was so happy. He was having so much fun dancing and singing. It's such a wonderful program that the library offers and the best part is that it's free!! We also went to Kindermusik this morning. Camp is doing great with the instructions from his teacher.....he's one of the only ones that actually does what she says! He seems to be getting more and more interested each new week.

I bought my first bag of Cadbury eggs at Target on Tuesday. I think, hands down, this is my favorite smell in the whole wide world! Open up a bag and smell for yourself!! :) I've already been to Target twice this week and the ever growing Easter displays are really reeling me in! Easter is so fun! I really want to have an Easter party!


brittany, steve, gabe and ezra said...

storytime at our library is one of gabe's favorite things, too! it is so great that the library has such fun, free programs for kids!

Ivy said...

After seeing this picture of the Cadbury eggs, I ran straight to Target to get my first bag of the season! Yum! I even dreamed about them last night.

CA said...

LOOOOOOOOVE those cadbury eggs too. MAJOR yum!!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I love, love LOVE Easter candy! And how perfect that the stores start carrying it right after V-Day! Just when you think that sugar high has worn off...
And we love the library, too, but never get there as much as we'd like to.
I'm glad y'all had a wonderful Valentine's. Wish I could come down and spend those Starbucks cards with you!! :)