17 Months

Sweet Camper is 17 months today! He's a million miles a minute....a sponge soaking up everything....

I decided to attempt pictures with Beary again this month and it wasn't all that hard to do! It now makes me sad that I didn't take them for 13, 14, and 15 months! :( I'll remember that with the next baby! :)


Camp is at a great stage (oh wait, I say that EVERY month!) He's learning new words, getting more independent, and has an extremely hilarious personality....he makes me laugh every day.


Camp has become a "dipper"....he loves dipping his food in ketchup, ranch dressing, sour cream, applesauce.

We got a CD with all of the songs from Kindermusik and we've been having fun bringing the joys of Kindermusik home! One of his favorites is when we march/walk/run and then STOP! He gets a kick out of stopping and actually does stop!


I now have the honor of kissing boo boos. When he hurts himself I ask him if he wants mama to kiss it and he comes running!

He loves anything Handy Manny or Cars (The Movie).


He thinks he sees his Bop Bop everywhere we go....and every time we get in the car, he thinks we are going to see him too! Yesterday he thought he saw him at Publix.....we saw a man with glasses next to us and he started yelling "Bop Bop, Bop Bop!!" Bop Bop aka Popsie (Adam's dad) is the only other person that he addresses by name.

He's still super obsessed with trucks and heavy machinery.


He calls his pacis "Uh Oh". I couldn't understand why he would say "uh oh" all the time and then I figured it out!! I guess every time it falls or he drops it, I would say "uh oh!" and he caught on! It's soo cute because his "uh oh" sounds more like "uh ewwwwww"!

He sleeps with his bunny, owl, and blankie every night. When we read books and drink our milky in his room at night, I know he's ready to go to sleep when he starts hooting....he wants to go see his owl!

His favorite shows are Handy Manny and Imagination Movers on Disney.....and he loves allll of the shorts in between each show.....Shawn the Sheep, Can You Teach My Alligator Manners, and Happy Monster Band are some of his faves.


When Adam comes home from work, Camp expects to play in his truck.....he doesn't understand that sometimes it's raining and 35 degrees outside. He wants to do this every night. If he doesn't, he's pretty much ruined for the rest of the night!


He's getting 6 teeth now.....the top two are pretty much all the way in. He's getting one to the left of his top two, two top molars on each side, and one bottom to the left of the bottom two. The poor child didn't have any teeth until 13 months and now he's getting them all at once!

Camp loves, loves, loves to read! He would read all day long! His favorite books at the moment are Peek a Boo Who, Santa Mouse, Trucks, and I Love My Mommy Because.



He loves pointing at pictures when we ask where certain things are. This includes photographs in our house!



Camp thinks that this man is Daddy! Every time we turn to this page he says Dada!!

His new favorite foods are watermelon and scrambled eggs. He also loves mandarin oranges and the lunchables for toddlers.

He's in size 4 diaper.....switched back to Pampers!

Size 5 shoe.....although his red shoes which are a size 4 still fit him.

He's in between 18-24 months clothes.....I'm so ready for spring clothing!! He's starting to grow out of his cold weather clothes!

He had his first stomach bug Wednesday night.....it was very short lived, thank goodness!! But it was noooo fun for Camp, his mama, or his daddy. Our living room rug, pillows, and my Ann Taylor 'dry clean only' sweater are now in the trash can! :) I can now say that yes there is a difference between spit up and throw up.....I didn't know if I'd be able to tell the difference or not......uhhhh yeah!


Carrie Anne said...

This might be my favorite blog post yet! Seriously made me tear up...I just can't believe how big he's getting!! And yes, he does have a HILARIOUS personality...he cracks me UP! love love love :)

Lollie said...

sweet boy has gotten soooo big!!! and beary has gotten smaller!!! Thanks for sharing how big he has gotten! you are such a great mom! :) XOXOXO

Mama Byrd said...

Of course one of his favorite books is I Love my Mommy Because, since he loves his mommy because...
And I love his mommy because!

Pam said...

Aaaahhhhhh, love those Beary shots!!! Big boy and his bear! Always makes me smile!!!