Top Ten

Beth emailed me the top ten reasons why I needed to visit her in ATL next weekend....

  1. Because you haven’t seen my new place, met my new roomie or been around my new neighborhood!

  2. Virginia Highlands has a market every Saturday and Sunday with cute stuff from locals

  3. VaHi has amazing brunch restaurants- anywhere from cheap but plentiful to more gourmet!

  4. The Shamrock festival at Piedmont Park will be super fun- great bands, green beer and good daytime fun!

  5. I’d be willing to go to Ikea (as much as I dislike the layout of that store). You know you could find something you “need” there :)

  6. You’re more likely to find your mom the PERFECT birthday present up here.

  7. Friday is supposed to be sunny so we could do a nice relaxing happy hour outdoors somewhere, or a wine tasting- I could leave work around 4 to come meet you!

  8. My favorite mani/pedi place up here is killer- better than anywhere at home!

  9. I have a great cupcake shop here- rivals Cake Shop, seriously.

  10. Momma needs a girls weekend with her bff!

Oh Bethel....you had me at cupcake! See ya in ATL!


Beth Madigan said...

Wahoo we are going to have soooo much fun!

Mama Byrd said...

No wonder Beth is the bff, moh, gm.... how could you say no to that? Glad you can go!

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Virginia Highlands and your friend Beth is so right about all of the things she listed. :) Have fun!

Heather said...

Virginia Highlands ROCK! Have a wonderful weekend!!! :)