Sunday Funday

Adam and I took Camp to the Tallahassee Junior Museum (technically it's now called the Tallahassee Museum) yesterday. We've been wanting to go for a while now, but we were waiting for a nice cool day. Yesterday was gorgeous and we had an absolute blast! Camp enjoyed the sights and all of the animals. We're thinking about getting a family pass. Camp's just going to get more and more interested in what the museum has to offer and it's such a fun family outing.

Adam grew up going to the Junior Museum and attending their summer camps. He had fun reminiscing about when he would visit as a little boy. He thought it was so cool that he now was bringing his own child to enjoy the fun! This was only my second trip to the museum. My first trip was when I was a sophomore at FSU and my Biology lab class took a mandatory field trip. :)

It's crazy to think that a very long time ago, Tallahassee looked just like the museum grounds. It's so nice that this special place is preserved for so many people to enjoy.

We saw all of these birds!


There were two Bald Eagles that were GORGEOUS!! They made the coolest noises and were just amazing to watch. They were huge too!

This Florida Panther was ginormous.

Adam doing the bird flight simulation.


Stinky Gator...

I think this is a Red Wolf?

When we got home, I took a few pictures of Camp in our back yard.






He's now getting his second tooth! It's the left bottom tooth. Each day the right bottom tooth gets more and more visible and it makes Camp look sooooo extremely precious. Like he needed any help to begin with! :)
Happy Monday!


brittany, steve, and gabe said...

we went recently to the junior museum, and gabe really enjoyed it as well. it is such a great place! also, your pictures of camp are so cute!

Lollie said...

So glad ya'll took little man to see the animals! I have always loved the "junior museum" and ya'll were so lucky to see so many animals,sometimes they are hiding or sleeping! I 'm sure there will be many more trips!! Loved the pic's!! :)

Harris Family said...

Cute photos. I remember going to that place a bunch of times when I lived there-i always liked it! It is nice it has been preserved!