Yay for Olivia!

We had a shower for sweet Olivia Claire at our house today.
It was such a blast!
Yummy food, sweet friends, everything pink and green.

I never got a picture of the table fully set up, but this is close enough!
I had the onesies monogrammed to hang as the centerpiece (and to give as a gift to Danielle!)
There was another one that said "Olivia" in green, but I can't get that picture to pull up on the computer.....it was adorable though!

This raspberry lemonade was a huge hit.....

Me and the pretty mama.....she's still wearing her wedding rings and has the skinniest ankles in town. That's just not fair! :)

Olivia got so many lovely things!!

Hostesses with the Mama!
(Lane, Danielle, Katie, Dorian)

HUGE props to my extremely talented and handsome husband. He showed up at 8am with the crew to do some last minute yard touch ups.....Have I told you how lucky I am???
Yes I think I have. But I am extremely lucky!!

He was laying pinestraw and created the gravel walk way to the park right up until 10 am and then made his secret getaway right as everyone was arriving.
We can't wait to meet sweet Olivia!


the heller family said...

So much fun! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! You guys throw an amazing party! love the new header too.

Mama Byrd said...

While we're giving props.... I'd like to give some to Lane! She was able to pull this all together (with the help of the other hostesses) after spending the last 6 days holding a feverish baby. Thankfully Camp started to recover yesterday so Lane could get to work. Turned out precious!!

Pam said...

I think your name is really, Martha! Precious party! So so happy Camper Roo is feeling better.

smitten design said...

wonderful party ladies!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Beautiful!!! Absolutely adorable!!All of it!