Crazy Week!

Well, I was wrong.....Camp was not on the mend.
Monday evening, Camp's temperature went up to 105.....so off to Urgent Care we went. They did a flu swab, chest xrays and took some blood. He had a shot of Rocephin and the poor buddy was traumatized. We left and his temp was back down to safer levels.
Tuesday we went to the dr. and after careful evaluation, the radiologist couldn't rule out Pneumonia so they put Camp on Augmentin to be sure. The doctor wanted us to come back the next day to keep an eye on him.
So off to the doctor again......this time Camp's temp was 103.6 and he was extremely lethargic so the doctor sent us to the ER. After eight hours and many other tests later (more xrays, blood work, urine, flu swab, Rocephin IV drip, etc) they just think it's a virus.
The three of us had a looooong day yesterday. We didn't get back home until 11:30 and we were all exhausted.
We went back to the doctor today (three days in a row!) and actually got to meet with Camp's real pediatrician, Dr. Elzie. He felt so bad for the Camper and said it seems like he's on the tail end of this. The doctor that saw Camp yesterday, passed us in the hall today and was very impressed at his change in appearance.
Camp's temp did get up to 101.6 this afternoon, but I'm just glad it's not getting as high as it was and I'm hoping he just continues to improve!

Daddy & Camper playing peek-a-boo in the ER.

Poor Camp would break down and cry every time a nurse would come through the door. :)
We were lucky enough to have our neighbor, Sidney, as his ER nurse. She took extra good care of him and we missed her when she left at 7pm! We didn't get quite as much attention with our new nurse! :) It was just nice to see a familiar face in such a scary place!


Lollie said...

We are SO happy and relieved that our sweet boy is on the mend. We are thankful for his sweet mommy and daddy for taking such great care of him. Feel better sweet boy! XOXO

Mama Byrd said...

What a scary week. We're so hoping he's on the road to recovery! Hugs and kisses to the little boy!

mary caroline said...

It was so good to hug on Camp this afternoon and see his sweet smile!!

Heather said...

Feel better soon, sweet little Camp!!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning. Mamaw hopes our "little Champ" is feeling all better today!!! oxoxox

Lauren said...

Glad Camp is feeling better, Lane! Looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta next weekend:)