What A Difference

I've been busy looking for furniture for our new room.
We needed something to hold my printer, sewing machine, and craft supplies.
I looked at lowboys, buffets, dressers, desks....nothing "did it" for me.
We needed something very sturdy because my printer is about 200 pounds....well it feels like it anyway..
Mary gave me the great idea to make a table skirt for our desk and paint the top to coordinate with the fabric.
My mom got the desk in '91 from Wood You and painted it to match my 2nd grade bedroom. The desk has been four different colors and has followed me everywhere I have lived. It's the best desk and it's so well made. I knew I didn't want to get rid of the desk, but its original form wasn't going to work in our new hip workspace.



I'm going to have the printer on top and will hide my sewing machine and other craft supplies underneath the skirt.
I think it's the perfect solution!

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mary caroline said...

fabulous!! that's all :)