Transformation (Almost) Complete

For the past three months or so, Adam and I have been discussing some room transformations in our house. We never used our formal living room and hated the fact that such a nice room was going unused. Our original plan was to get a new sofa and other living room furniture and turn the formal living room into our main living room. Well, that would have been great, but then we would have never used our downstairs room (which was our main living area). And since Camp has taken over what used to be my office, we were in need of a work area for the grown ups.
That's where Danielle Heller came in.....she gave us the great idea to use the furniture from downstairs and bring it in the formal living room. Our downstairs room could then become an office/craft/laundry room. One of the downfalls of our house during "My House is Worth What?" was that our laundry room was in the main living area of the house. Problem solved! We would have a fun area for me to sew, blog, craft, and do laundry. Adam would have a nice comfy area to play the guitar and work on bids/plans.

After lots of begging and pleading from the girls, Micah and Adam started the transformation.
(I wasn't here when the couch was delivered two years ago and I guess it was mighty tough for the professional movers to get it through the door. They told Adam that it wasn't going to fit and Adam told them that his wife would have a conniption if it didn't so they better try harder! Well, it did fit and the movers told Adam that the couch would never leave that room....so needless to say, Adam was pretty worried that this couch moving session was going to leave us all very disappointed. You see, our doorways were built in 1941 and they are teeny. Our original leather couch did not fit through these doors and we had to order our current leather couch from Pottery Barn's "small space" collection.....hence my conniption fit if the new couch wouldn't have fit!)

They did a great job taking the door of the hinges.

In between snapping photos, I was doing a happy dance!!! I was soooo excited that the couch was out with limited struggle!

Working their way to the front door!

Sweet Mary, who is the other brains behind this transformation, leading the boys to their destination!

(those black side tables are for sale....FYI)

Ahhhh......a sigh of relief from everyone.
We are all loving this new setup and are very thankful for sweet friends with great ideas and strong muscles. :)
We are waiting on a media stand, pictures, and frames and then our new living room should be complete!
Our next plan of action is to design the downstairs.
It feels like we have a brand new house with all of the rearranging!

Camp loves this new space......more room to play!

And now Camp's playroom is a real playroom!
No more sewing machine or guitar cases!

He's getting into everything!
And I love that he has the space to do it in now!


Beth Madigan said...

wow!!! what a transformation- i can't wait to see! maybe you can finally have a housewarming party! ;)

brittany, steve, and gabe said...

look how big he is on that truck!! might be in town at the beginning of august for a few days. will let you know and definitely schedule a photoshoot/ playdate!

Anonymous said...

Adam and Lane, I love the way you have rearranged your rooms. I know Camp likes it, too.
Your precious house is a treasure
inside and outside. MaMaw