4th of July Fun

We started our beach getaway on Wednesday. Camp and I headed down to the Byrdnest with Chandler and Trip. Mama Byrd came down Thursday afternoon. We had such a great time......very relaxing.

On Friday, Camp and I drove to Apalach to meet Mary, Holly, Sally Kate, and one of my favorite bloggers, Hillary. It was my first time meeting Hillary and I liked her as much in real life as I like her on her blog! :)

We had a tasty lunch at The Owl Cafe. I love their crab dip.

After lunch we headed to The Green Door for a little shopping. There were so many cute things. I loved all of the paintings. They were so fun and colorful!

Friday evening, Camp and I headed on over to Cape San Blas to spend the rest of the weekend at the Lions Paw. Adam was waiting at the house for us and we were so happy to see him!!! He was so excited to see us too.

We spent some of Saturday on the beach. It was so extremely hot and NOT breezy so I couldn't take much of it. I was thankful for Camp's 2 hour nap that gave me an excuse to stay in the house and watch TV. :)

We were able to get one family portrait before the camera battery died. I was so sad because I couldn't find the charger anywhere!!! I found out later that I left the battery charger along with my cell phone charger at the Byrdnest. :(

Atleast we got this one. It's pretty cute.....and it shows off Camp's 4th outfit that I ordered for him before he was born!!

On Sunday, Lollie & Popsie stayed up at the house while Camp napped so Adam and I could enjoy some beach time alone. We spent the whole time in the ocean and had a blast.

We had such a wonderful 4th week and hope you did too!!!


mary caroline said...

great pics and thanks for sharing them with me too! our afternoon in apalach was so fun. I wish we could do it everyday!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I had so much fun meeting you at lunch! And Camp is so stinkin' cute I wanted to eat him up- but went for the crab dip, instead!
Sorry I am late in commenting. I'm just finally getting back into the loop around here.
Love the Happy Camper bib! And I think that outfits ordered before birth are THE BEST because it's like a little dream come true to put them on the babe! I have done that several times and it's just a neat feeling.