What's That On The Floor??

It's not a dust bunny (well, don't look too closely....you might see some of those too) it's a snuggle bunny!! And he's learning to scoot scoot around! I can't take my eyes off of him!! He's on the move! He army crawls and he also does an inch worm move. He gets up on all fours, rocks, gets flat on his belly and then repeats....and before you know it, he's clear across the room!

I feel like this child has grown up overnight!! He even feels a lot heavier when we hold him.
He's starting to babble using consonants.....baba, dada. It's such a cute talk and he sounds like such a big baby now.
When riding in his car seat, he'll turn his head back to watch me. It's the sweetest thing. I'll look back and he's just staring at me and then I'll see his little eyes squeeze shut because he's smiling so big. I have to be careful not to look at him for long or I'll run off the road! :)

He can also eat his weight in Cheerios. He loves them. I put him in his high chair and just pour them all over the tray. It keeps him occupied while I prepare his food.
This used to be a time of frantic screaming........he was so impatient waiting for his food!!

I've told you how much I LOVE that Adam LOVES to work in the yard.
It doesn't take much for him to get our yard whipped into shape.
We have two tomato plants sitting on our front porch and I don't think I've ever been so excited about plants in my life!! And I don't even like tomatoes! I do like the fact of growing our own veggies though....and I'm hoping we get some tasty results from those babies.

I don't think I've told you how much I hate cats. Hate is such a strong word, but I have strong feelings against these animals. For some reason our yard is the gathering place for the neighborhood cats. Adam found one sleeping INSIDE his truck a few months ago. He left the windows cracked and it slithered right on in. That's the last time he ever left his windows cracked.
I just hope that while they are chilling in our yard, driving our dogs crazy, they are keeping the mice population down as well.


Mama Byrd said...

You must have gotten your extreme dislike of cats from your mother! And both of these culprits have collars! I say I'll keep my pets in my yard (or try), if you keep your pets in your yard...

Jeff, Traci and Kaden said...

Camp is getting so big! That picture of him with his cheerios is precious. Darn those cats!

mary caroline said...

I will now send out a neighborhood e-mail that says if your cat is missing it's at Lane's...under her car {sleeping of course, haha!}

I can't believe Camp is scooting!

Beth Madigan said...

ughhh i loathe cats!

mary caroline said...

me too! And I'm still wondering why you even put pictures of them on your blog!

The Stiffies said...

Cute pictures!

Madison said...

Yay Camp! Easton loves cheerios too.