I Love Sundays

I love Sundays....it's the only day that Adam has off from work.
He works HARD!
It's the day that I look forward to all week.
Yesterday Adam, Camp, and I went to the Mary Brogan Museum to see the bodies exhibit. It was neat, but very creepy at the same time. We really enjoyed going. Camp was so well behaved. We went down to the second floor to play around with the interactive exhibits and Camp squealed the whole time! He loved the noise and commotion.

This time for us to be a little family is so special. After a long work week we truly cherish this day.

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brittany, steve, and gabe said...

i am so jealous that you saw the bodies! i really want to see it! and i can understand your love of sundays. steve works monday through saturday, too, and sundays are really special.