Bootylicious & Hannah Montana

Look at that little booty sticking up in the air. I love him.

Rachel Grace & Camp at the shop

I took this sweet girl to see the Hannah Montana movie today.
Is it ok to admit that I thought it was excellent???!!!
I've always been a huge fan of Hannah's.....I mean I drove EIGHT hours to see her in concert.
But really, the movie was great.
Julie (RG's mom) watched Camp and the two of us had a blast.


Carrie Anne said...

Ok, I saw it too (haha) and I'll admit it, I really did like it. It honestly wasn't even that cheesy. Very entertaining!

Mama Byrd said...

He looks so big in Rachel Grace's arms! And you liked Hannah Montana... married mama say what?!? LOL, glad you girls had an afternoon out.

Laura said...

I CRIED at the movie. Loved it.