Dancing Machine

Is it any wonder that Camp's dancing already? Poor boy didn't stand a chance with a mama like me! I'm sure he'll be singing early too....haha. We're thinking the nodding while Adam whistled was a form of dancing....although he still nods when music isn't being played.
We noticed this dancing about a week ago when we were out to lunch. The restaurant was playing smooth jazz and Camp sure took a liking to it. He danced the whole meal. :) He also waved to the waitress....I shrieked in the middle of the restaurant and had a little tear in my eye. Isn't it crazy how proud you can be of your children....just for waving to the waitress?? This little munchkin amazes me everyday.


Mama Byrd said...

"He's a dance, dance, dance, dance, dancing machine, watch him get down, watch him get down...."

Jeff, Traci and Kaden said...

How cute!!!!!! By the way, I love those boxes that you have for his toy/books. I've seen them in a couple pictures and I always think how cute they are.