My Favorite Kiddos

Notice that all 4 got their turn holding the buddy. :)
If I knew that all of our children would be as well behaved as the Meyer children, Adam and I would have about a dozen babies! I love love love this family so much!
I watched three of the Meyer children yesterday. We had a lot of fun enjoying the park, coloring, and watching Disney channel......I had no idea that Zack and Cody were living on a cruise ship now! Camp loved having the extra attention.
Meyer children, come over ANY time!!!!


Kaitlin said...

Oh my, these pictures are great! I miss all five of those sweet kids :)

Beth said...

omg I cannot believe the shaggy haired boys and tall girls- they've grown up too quickly!

mary caroline said...

what fun pictures! don't worry, I'll bring the clippers next week ;) operation pink perfection is on it's way!