Family Night at the Farm

Adam, Camp, and I enjoyed the evening at the farm in Cairo. It was Camp's first trip. Adam put him in the snuggly and he had so much fun. Camp roared through the woods scaring off any bad creatures.

Adam's pride and joy. He rebuilt this pond after beavers had turned it into a swamp.

Real men wear Baby Bjorn.

The Dogwoods were amazing and they were everywhere.

Every time Adam and I visited the farm before I was pregnant, we talked about how fun it would be if we ever had a little boy named Camp. (we had the name picked out for years) It was neat seeing his name all over the woods. Some of the Camp family actually framed one of these signs for Camp's nursery. It's one of our favorite things in his room.

Adam said that Camp's already a horticulturalist!

Whistling Wisteria


mary caroline said...

lane!! these picture you took are really beautiful...and the dog wood one, oh my! I also loved your spring pics of Camp in the vintage chair. Can't wait to see you guys!

Frugal Coupon Living said...

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