We had a great weekend at The Byrdnest. The weather wasn't all that beachy, but the company was sure fun! We had a house full. Mama Byrd, Cap, Chandler, her two friends Olivia & Dana, and the three of us. Saturday was extremely overcast and windy and we even had moments of slashing rain. It was fun huddling up in the house and watching a Lifetime movie or two! :) We also watched our share of NCAA basketball.

Chandler and Olivia wanted to get use out of their precious bathing suits so they went outside in the rain. :)

Camp loves the ladies!

A boy after his mother's heart....Reese's.
These happened to be quite fresh.

Sunday was beautiful, but windy & chilly. Adam broke out the kite and flew it with his fishing rod.

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Beth said...

when that kid can eat solid foods, guess who'll be sending him crunch n' munch and peanut MnM's! :) He'll have to fight mom for them I bet....