30 1/2 Weeks

To do a little comparison- This is at 22 weeks.

30 1/2 weeks.
How much further can my tummy go? Although, I'm very proud of myself for gaining only 14 pounds so far. :)

After putting the crib together, I found Adam laying in bed reading this book. Bless his heart!!! I heard him calling from the bedroom "What month are you in?" and I knew what he was doing. He then told me that I should be sleeping on my side at night and that we should start saving for college now. He said the book estimates college tuition at $45,000 a year in 18 years. I love it that Adam's really getting into all of it!

And what post isn't complete without a picture of the Narn? This is her typical sleeping position and I think it's so adorable.

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Beth said...

i think i almost cried at this blog- one because you are so much bigger, its so crazy!
two was because adam is the best husband and it's so great that he's ready to learn so much.
i can't wait to meet my Campy B...i'm coming home as soon as he's born for sure!!!