New Color Scheme

Here is our living room now...minus the rug because a certain black dog tee teed on it. (It will be replaced soon!) I chose the light turquoisey pillows to match the dining room, but now I'm thinking about changing that color to a limey green. The picture over the fireplace has pretty greens in it, so it would match nicely.

I want to make pillows out of these two fabrics.

And I like this chair too. We desperately need more seating in our living room so I've been looking for chairs like this forever! It's neutral and would pretty much go with anything.

The pillows might be a reality if this whole sewing class teaches me a lot, but the chair might have to wait for a while. :)

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Micah, Danielle, Sophie, and Angus said...

dont' underestimate our future talent. this sewing class is going to be amazing!!