first week of school 2014

Precious angel boy on his first day of Kindergarten!!

Collinsy Bear on his first day of preschool!!

Camp requested that I take him to Zaxby's as a first day of school treat...he says Zaxby's is his favorite because he loves the Zax sauce. Can't blame the boy!!! 

And of course we made a trip to Tasty Pastry to celebrate the first day of school!!

This little cardinal greets me and Collins most mornings when we get to preschool and I had to get a picture!! We really see her almost every morning!! I love it.

After school play date with some of our favorites...these kids are a MESS!! :) I love that C & K have been friends since before they even turned two. Time flies!

 I ended the week in ATL with my BFFAEAE. Thanks for hosting me, Bethel!!


Bebe said...

Big ole, Star Wars loving kindergarten boy! And biggest preschooler! Glad they've both done so well adjusting to school. And love the mama bird that shows up. How sweet, just checking on her boys! Here's to a great school year!!

TRIP said...

you need to post some more pics! i check your blog errday